Don’t Wait To Donate Your Vehicle!

don't wait to donate your vehicle
This Vehicle had the Catalytic Convertor stolen from sitting too long before donation.

Why donating your Unwanted Vehicle right now is Better for You and The Next Owner

1. Vehicles that sit are hard to fix.

Old gas is just an engine killer. In 6 months the chemicals in gas start to dissolve the fuel pump in the tank and plug injectors. After about a year the gas gets thicker, and after several years it can become like tar on the inside of the tank. This leads to the tank being removed and sent to a radiator shop to be boiled out to remove that tar. The lesson here is don’t wait to donate your vehicle.

Adding new gas to this old gas creates a mixture that will freeze engine parts like they are welded together and should never be done. Nature is hard on parked cars. Tires crack and get brittle, batteries go dead, paint and upholstery get baked in the sun. Also it is amazing how much some varmints like mice love wiring, they chew it and make nests. It is much easier and cheaper to put a car/boat/motorcycle/RV back on the road if it has not been sitting a long time. Even if the car is parted out or sold for parts, those end users are better off with fresher vehicles and parts.

donate your vehicle to avoid las vegas sun fade
Example of Vegas Paint Fade From Sitting

2. Save that money!

It is amazing how many folks donate boats, motorhomes, motorcycles etc., after paying for storage on them for years without using them. Many storage facilities are now charging $200-$300+ a month for RV storage. This can add up to more than the value of the vehicle over a relatively short time. Insurance and registration can also be canceled the day the vehicle goes away. Some people renew their registration and insurance for years on vehicles that never leave the driveway. After this process they dispose of the vehicle in the end without using it anyways. Wouldn’t that money be better saved now?

donating a vehicle to stop paying rv storage
This RV accrued storage fees for 6 years before it was donated

3. One less thing to think about when you donate a vehicle.

Once that car leaves your driveway you will never have to look at it or worry about what to do with it again. It’s one less thing to decide about and get off your plate, today.

4. Wives love their space back.

Your spouse/significant other will love you more if you give them their driveway/garage back, promise.

5. Stuff happens to vehicles.

Catalytic converter theft is rampant these days, windows get broken, plates or parts stolen, tires slashed. This is all the more reason to donate your vehicle today. Sadly, parked cars present a target for some people. An open driveway or parking space makes your property more secure as well.

6. Other stuff never happens

Your nephew who says he wants the car and will fix it, your neighbor who says he will buy it when he gets the money, never will. At least that happens often in our experience. People will call and say they are thinking about donating but want to wait for,,,,,, and then call us back in a month and say come get it because the first plan never came together.


Whether you decide to sell your old vehicle, trade it in or donate your vehicle to charity one thing is true. Both your world and the world of the next owner of your car will be better off if you do it sooner rather than later. Ask people who have waited to make the decision and they will tell you it’s true, sooner is better.