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UPDATE 9-1-20

As you may know since the end of May we have been sending our donated vehicles to the Nellis Auto Auction but as of Aug 31 the Nellis Auto Auction has closed its doors for good. We will now be selling our vehicles through another public auction called Moto Bucks which also offers online bidding. We will be staging our vehicles for preview at 5700 Boulder Highway 89121. Please watch our website for updates and more info as we prepare our cars for this new auction and outline the process for bidding and pick up.

Dear friends and Supporters,


Over the past 14 years this operation has thrived on the generous donations of the people of Nevada, however with the advent of the Wuhan virus and subsequent government mandated lock down, donations have collapsed and we are no longer able to support the car lot with the level of donations we are receiving. Also, based on the economic data available we do not believe that donations will recover anytime  soon. Therefore we feel we have little choice but to downsize our vehicle donation program. We will still be soliciting vehicle donations and picking those donations up but now we will send them to one of the local auto auctions. We are currently planning to use the Moto Bucks auction since it is open to the public. You may find more information about the vehicles we have for sale in the future on their website. We will also still be available to help with paperwork from previously sold vehicles, or other questions you may have. You may call either the donation line at 702-545-8044 for donation related questions, or 702 296-4060 for sales related questions. We would like to thank all of you for your previous support both as donors and customers, and we appreciate your continued generous support in donating vehicles in the future or buying the vehicles that have been donated to us.
The public support we have received over the past 14 years has been truly impressive and bettered the lives of many low income disabled veterans, and we hope that the economic outlook will soon return to something like normal for all of us, once again making the generosity of Nevadans a comfortable routine.